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4 Free Best Zenmate Alternatives Extension/Add on For FireFox, Chrome, Android, Safari And Others

This list is for those Who don’t like Zenmate VPN due to any reasons. I’ve added 4 Zenmate VPN alternatives to this list.

Desktop client of any VPN service creates speed and performance problems, especially for a low end PC. Most desktop VPN clients cause a PC to frequently hang, take a lot of time to start and shutdown etc.

One of the reasons behind Zenmate’s popularity was its ease of installation and ease of use. All you need to do is install Zenmate in your web browser and start using it.

best alternatives to zenmate

This list is for those Who prefer to use VPN services in their favorite web browsers instead desktop VPN clients. This is why I’ve Intentionally added VPN service providers that also offer browser extensions / add ons or plugins.

But on the other hand, There is a big disadvantage of using a VPN browser extension among other ones. It only works inside your web browser. VPN will not work in other web browsers and programs like Skype, uTorrent etc.

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I would like to place Windscribe on the top of the list of Zenmate alternatives. Windscribe is one of few VPN providers Who provides desktop VPN for Linux with the full list of features.

People at Windscribe offer 10GB of free bandwidth per month and You are provided with a few ways through which you can extend this limit. You can use 13 server locations in the Windscribe free plan.

You will get tremendous speed while using this free to use VPN extension. Windscribe can be used on all operating systems as a desktop client and web browsers as an extension. You need to create a Windscribe account to use it.

More details at here

Cyberghost VPN

Cyber Ghost is another well known name in the world of VPN providers. It can be used as an alternative to Zenmate. They offer a browser extension or add-on in addition to the desktop client, which I found very heavy, but It has a plethora of additional useful features.

This alternative doesn’t require you to create an account. This free to use VPN can be used without Signup with unlimited bandwidth. Just install it in your web browser and start using it.

You can use 4 free server locations in CyberGhost VPN free plan. In the free plan, Speed is good, but sometimes You may experience slow speed when servers are congested.

The downside is that It’s not free for Android and iOS users. You can only use it for 7 days free of cost to test its performance and features.

During the trial period, You can use all servers with unlimited bandwidth, but You can not use a server for more than 3 hours.

You get disconnected automatically. As well as You have to bear 25 seconds ads when you are connected to a new server. Cyber Ghost VPN can be used on all operating systems as a desktop client and web browsers as an extension.

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TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is one of my favorite alternatives to Zenmate VPN. People at TunnelBear VPN offer 500MB of free bandwidth every month to its free plan users.

As well as You are provided a few options to extend this limit in free plan. They also offer a 7 days free trial of premium plans.

The best thing about its free plan is that You can use all of the 20 plus locations with a 500MB or more data limit every month. Speed is normal in the free plan. I have not seen any ads so far.

They also offer a browser extension in addition to the desktop client which is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps.

You need to create an account on the TunnelBear website to use its browser extension and desktop client.

The downside is that TunnelBear VPN browser extension is not available for Mozilla Firefox, It’s only available for Google Chrome and Opera browser.

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Browsec VPN

If you are in a hurry and you need to use a VPN then this Zenmate alternative is for you. Browsec VPN is a free to use, easy to install and easy to set up VPN service.

You don’t even need to sign up. All you need to do is install the Browsec VPN extension in your favorite web browser and start using it.

Although, People behind Browsec VPN offer monthly and annual subscription plans, But We can call the free plan of Browsec VPN a truly free VPN with unlimited bandwidth.

4 VPN locations are at your disposal in the free plan. You may see promo ads which don’t trouble its users.

As It is used widely and Its servers are congested and this is the reason, Sometimes, You may experience slow speed.

It can’t be used in other programs like uTorrent, Skype, etc. As no desktop client is available as of now.

Android and iOS apps are available and Its browser extension can be installed in Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

While compiling this list of 4 best and free to use Zenmate VPN alternatives, I tried Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy and many other free to use VPN extensions, But I found them sluggish.

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Closing Words

I request you to share any better, free and fast alternative to Zenmate VPN, If you use or know below in the comment section.

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