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How To Add/Install Windscribe VPN Extension In Microsoft Edge Chromium? Free VPN For Edge Chromium

In this post, I will share a free to use VPN service Windscribe for the users of Edge Chromium. As well as, You will learn How to set up Windscribe in Edge Chromium?

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Some Introductory Words For Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is a reliable and very popular VPN service. This VPN service hides and alters your real IP address with a fake one. It also helps its users access blocked websites and censored content.

It can also be used to access GEO restricted content.

Is Windscribe VPN Free?

People behind Windscribe offer free and premium plans. You are allowed to use 10 GB of bandwidth per month free of cost.

The 10GB data limit can be increased with a Tweet and referral program.

Account Creation Is Must

You need to create an account to use Windscribe. You can create an account without an email address. But email confirmation has some additional benefits. Windscribe signup page is here

Enable Allow Extensions From Other Stores

After account creation, We now need to install the Windscribe extension in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Though Windscribe is not officially available for Edge Chromium, It can still be used in Edge Chromium by enabling an option.

To turn this option on, Click on the settings button with a horizontal ellipsis symbol.

Click Extensions.

You will find this option on the left down side in Microsoft Edge Chromium. Turn it on.

Click allow.

Your copy of Microsoft Edge Chromium is now ready to install the Windscribe extension.

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Download/Install Windscribe VPN Extension

Now install the Windscribe extension. Download link is here

How To Use Windscribe VPN Extension?

Installation is complete and It’s now ready to use. Click on its icon and Enter your account details to sign in.

After signing in, Click on its icon.

Choose your desired location and turn it on with this on/off button. Users of its free plan can switch between 9 server locations and can use all functions available in the Windscribe web browser extension.

Free users cannot use its desktop client Which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and other operating systems.

Windscribe has changed IP and given a virtual location.

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Closing Words

I hope today’s tutorial has been informative and useful to you. Please use the comment section to contact my team for any help and suggestions.

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