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4 Best Free VPN Extensions For Microsoft Edge Chromium

This list will recommend using 4 free VPN services, If you want to use a VPN in Microsoft Edge Chromium to alter IP addresses, access censored websites and for other purposes in Windows 11/10/7 and Windows 8/8.1.

Microsoft has an add-on store for Microsoft Edge Chromium users. But As of now, This new add-on store has a very limited number of extensions.

Best Free VPN Extensions For Microsoft Edge Chromium

I’ve checked all categories. There is no VPN add-on available in the Microsoft add-on store. But you can still use a VPN service in Edge Chromium.

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What Is Microsoft Edge Chromium?

Microsoft Edge Chromium is a Chromium based web browser and It supports Chrome extensions. You just need to enable an option named Allow extensions from other stores to install Chrome extensions in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

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Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN is one of my favorite VPN services to stay anonymous and protected from surveillance by assigning a fake IP address and encrypting your connection.

In addition to its desktop client, This easy to setup and easy to use VPN service can be used as an extension inside your web browser.

This logless VPN service offers free and premium subscriptions. In free plan, You are allowed to use 10GB of data free of cost per month which can be extended with referral program and a Tweet in a month.

Free users can’t use the cross platform desktop client of this VPN service Which is designed to cover the entire device.

Users of the free plan can switch between 9 server locations and can use all available features. Its speed is quite satisfactory even in free plan.

In addition to Edge Chromium, Windscribe VPN can be used on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple iOS and Android.

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Touch VPN

Touch VPN is a truly free to use and unlimited VPN service for Microsoft Edge Chromium and other users. This VPN service helps users to stay anonymous and protected from surveillance and hackers. It also encrypts your connection.

Touch VPN comes with a sleek and clean interface, which is easy to use for both experienced and new users. It does not require you to create an account to start off. You just need to install and start using it.

This VPN service offers 7 server locations to choose from. You can use all available locations with unlimited bandwidth. Its speed is quite satisfactory. Only downside is keeping logs of your sessions by People behind Touch VPN.

In addition to Edge Chromium, Touch VPN is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple iOS and Android. You can install this unlimited VPN from Microsoft Store.

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Hide.Me VPN

Hide. Me is another famous VPN service which can be used in Microsoft Edge Chromium to unblock any censored website, bypass geo restrictions and avoid prying eyes. Hide. Me is available to use in both free and premium plans.

In addition to a premium subscription, People at HideMe offer two free plans. First one requires you to create an account in which You get 2GB of bandwidth for a month.

If you don’t want to sign up and still want to use it, then you can avail the second free plan in which you get 500MB of data transfer limit which can be renewed every 2 weeks.

You can use 3 locations Canada, Singapore and Netherlands in both of Hide. Me VPN free plans. The best thing about this free to use VPN for Microsoft Edge Chromium is that they keep no logs of your browser sessions. The speed of free plans is quite satisfactory.

Hide.Me VPN can be used on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS, Android and all web browsers. As well as, They don’t bombard its users with ads in free plans.

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Avira Phantom VPN

Avira is a very prominent name in the world of antivirus and other security products. They also offer a VPN service called Avira Phantom VPN to encrypt your internet connection, access to Geo-restricted websites, private surfing and other purposes.

This VPN is a cross platform VPN service provider.

Avira Phantom VPN is offered with free and paid premium subscription plans. Although, You can use all available features, But You are given 500MB bandwidth for a whole month. Under the 500MB data transfer limit, You can connect to 7 virtual locations.

The user interface is clean and user friendly, There is nothing complicated. The speed is just normal and the good thing is that Its users are not bombarded with ads in the free plan.

As well as You can use this free VPN service without sign up, Just install and start using it.

In addition to Edge Chromium, Avira Phantom VPN can be used in Google Chrome, Apple iOS and Android.

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Closing Words

While compiling this list, I’ve tried a dozen of other VPN extensions for Microsoft Edge Chromium. All of those were either paid or slow VPN services.

I had also tried the Hotspot Shield VPN. My internet stopped working when I turned Hotspot Shield on. I’ve found only these added VPN extensions working fine for Edge Chromium.

As well as, All these VPN services can be installed from Microsoft Store for Microsoft Edge Browser.

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