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Best Free Open Source uTorrent Alternatives For Windows, Mac, Linux No Ads

In addition to the great features of uTorrent, Advertisements are what most of its users don’t like.

Although you can disable advertisements by digging deep into complicated settings. But people don’t like to do so and seek alternatives bittorrent clients with no advertisements.

I took this huge interest in uTorrent alternatives into account and I’ve compiled a list of 5 free to use and free of advertisements torrent downloaders.

This list of 5 free uTorrent alternatives contains bittorrent clients for the users of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.


Deluge is a free to use, ads-free and cross platform alternative to uTorrent. This free of advertisements client is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Its installer is free of spammy offers, malware, adware, browser toolbars and download install garbage as well as this uTorrent alternative does not show ads in the main interface.

Download and more info here


Tixati is another lightweight peer to peer file sharing program. It would be no exaggeration to say that this freeware and ad-free uTorrent alternative has some extra features than uTorrent and other bittorrent clients.

Tixati has a unique and fun feature that allows its users to download a channel’s content, create your own channel, use chat rooms for conversation with other Tixati users and stream videos If a member allows.

This feature rich and free of advertisement alternative to uTorrent is designed for the users of Windows and Linux operating systems.

Download and more info here


qBittorrent has everything you may expect in uTorrent and other torrent downloaders. Like uTorrent, This alternative has a very lightweight, easy to use and user friendly interface.

This is an open source alternative to uTorrent.

While installing it, I did not find spammy offers, malware, adware, browser toolbars etc.

qBittorrent is a cross platform peer to peer file program. This free to use bittorrent client is designed for three most used and popular Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

Download and more info here


Tribler is similar to Tixati except Tixati’s ugly interface. Like Tixati, You can browse and stream torrents listed on The Pirate Bay and other torrent websites without leaving Tribler and launching the web browser as well as You can browse, download torrents from users’ channels and stream videos without downloading.

You can create your own channel to share with others. It has a built-in torrent stream player through which you can watch / stream torrents containing video content without downloading.

Personally, To some extent, I found this uTorrent alternative a heavy torrent Downloader. This alternative to uTorrent is open source and free of advertisements.

Tribler is designed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu Linux operating systems.

Download and more info here

Free Torrent Download

Free Torrent Download is new in town, but a good addition in the family of peer to peer file sharing programs to download torrents and a great alternative to uTorrent.

People behind Free Torrent Download suggest you to install something though, but you can turn down while It does not show advertisements in its main interface.

This bittorrent client is free to use and only designed for users of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Download and more info here

Closing Words

I hope you will find this list of 5 best and free alternatives to uTorrent useful and informative.

Please do share with me and others If you use or know about any other good, secure, fast and ads-free software like uTorrent.

Sound off below in the comment section.

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