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8 Free Best Hotspot Shield Alternatives For Windows 11/10/8/7

Today’s compiled list will end the search of those Who are fed up with Hotspot Shield’s speed, performance issues, and annoying pop-up advertisements and looking for free yet best alternatives to Hotspot Shield. 

If so, I’ve compiled a list of the 8 best and free VPN services.

Hotspot Shield is offered in premium and free versions. The Hotspot Shield free version was doubtlessly a very popular VPN software back in 2010.

This VPN’s quality and speed began to decline after 2012. While Hotspot Shield Elite continues to be used by many people.

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There are a plethora of annoying problems in the free version. 

If you’re thinking of using the free version, Be ready to tolerate advertisements while surfing the web. 

The biggest deal-breaker thing in the free version is that sometimes It does not even let you connect to the internet, No matter if Hotspot Shield VPN is turned on or off. 

In addition, Do not expect reliable speed and anonymity in the free version. Because there are 8 servers at your disposal and all are flooded with free users.


Although this alternative to Hotspot Shield is a premium VPN service, People behind Windscribe also offer a free package in which you can use 15GB of data per month. 

Windscribe offers a reward program to free users through which free users can earn additional data protection. 

The free package allows you to use Windscribe on five devices but BitTorrent traffic is not supported in the free version.

Windscribe is super easy to install and use. But You must register an account to use it. 

This Hotspot Shield alternative can be used on Microsoft Windows, macOS as a VPN desktop client, and as an app on Android, Amazon, and Apple iOS. 

As well as Windscribe extensions for Google Chrome and Opera are available to use that making it more quickly to install and easy to use.

So far I have seen no advertisements since installation. Speed is much better and decent than Hotspot Shield. Currently, Windscribe offers 10 VPN servers in Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. 

Contrary to Hotspot Shield, You are allowed to use all available VPN servers. Windscribe does not keep users’ logs in both free and premium versions.

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This alternative to Hotspot Shield is best known for accessing geo-blocked content on online streaming services. 

TunnelBear is offered in free and premium versions. The free version lets its users use only 500MB of free traffic while you can use unlimited data in Giant and Grizzly premium packages. 

You can extend 500MB data to 1.5 GB for free with a tweet If you have a Twitter account.

Before you use TunnelBear, You need to register a free account on TunnelBear.Com. As well as you will have to download and install Microsoft .Net Framework 4 before installing and using the TunnelBear desktop client. 

TunnelBear desktop client is designed for Microsoft Windows and macOS. Tunnelbear also has apps for Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems. 

If you don’t want to install its desktop client then you can use it in all Chromium-based web browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, UC Browser, and others as a browser extension. Desktop client, app, and browser extension are pretty easy to use and user-friendly.

People behind TunnelBear offer 19 VPN locations to choose from. The best thing is that free and premium users can use all available VPN servers. 

While testing it, I used the free version and found that Speed is a bit lacking. TunnelBear does not keep logs of its users’ activities.

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3-SecurityKISS Tunnel

SecurityKISS Tunnel is another famous and easy-to-use VPN service to mask your IP address, access blocked websites and geo-blocked content. 

SecurityKISS Tunnel has many advantages over other available alternatives to Hotspot Shield.

SecurityKISS Tunnel does not require you to register an account in order to use it. You can use it without having an account on SecurityKISS.Com. 

Just download and install SecurityKISS Tunnel software and start using it. 

Usually, other free VPN services offer 500MB of free data every month but people behind SecurityKISS Tunnel provide its free users 9000MB of free data for 1 month. 

In short, You get 300 MB per day for free.

There are many things you can only use in premium packages of SecurityKiss Tunnel. 

For example, You can switch between 9 virtual locations out of 106 servers in green which is a free plan. Torrenting is not allowed in the free plan.

The biggest deal-breaker is that They keep users’ logs for 10 days and the People behind this privacy protection software impose a specific data limit even in premium plans except the EMERALD premium package which is unlimited.

SecurityKISS Tunnel does not have any browser add-on. while the desktop client or app is designed for 6 operating systems Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Apple iOS, and Windows mobile.

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4-OkayFreedom VPN

This is another great software to surf the web incognito and access censored content and blocked websites. 

This Hotspot Shield alternative is an ad-supported free VPN software. Although advertisements don’t annoy free users of OKayFreedom VPN, You can get rid of advertisements by purchasing the Okayfreedom premium plan. 

In the free plan, You are given a 2GB of data limit while the premium plan is unlimited.

Okayfreedom desktop client is only designed for users of Microsoft Windows. No other operating system is supported. 

As well as They offer no browser extension. In the free version, You don’t need to create an account to use Okayfreedom. Just install the Okayfreedom desktop client and start using it.

It is very easy to install and set up OkayFreedom VPN. But they provide you with an online installer which could create problems for those who use an unreliable internet connection. 

As well as you may be asked to install a few additional programs.

Logs are not kept by this Germany-based VPN service. Okayfreedom boasts 16 virtual locations. It’s lightweight and fast. I’ve used it for a year.

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Proton VPN is a cross-platform and good alternative to Hotspot Shield with free and premium subscription plans.

You may see its promotional ads, but its ads don’t bother you as compared to Hotspot Shield, where you will have to bear annoying pop-up ads.

It offers Safe Browsing Protection, Hides IP Address, unblocks any website, and other features.

They offer free and premium subscription packages with extra features.

I found it a working solution to unblock websites and mask my real IP address. But It’s a little bit difficult to install and as well as if your internet connection is not in a good mood, then It becomes a headache.

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ZenMate was one of my favorite alternatives to Hotspot Shield. It used to be a totally free VPN service. But It is now not a free VPN anymore.

Zenmate offers a free plan but the free plan is of no use.

Back in 2013, ZenMate was very popular in Pakistan to unblock YouTube.

You will find it a super easy to install, easy-to-use, and effective solution to mask your IP address and access any blocked website.

ZenMate is a browser extension or add-on and is available for nearly all mainstream web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and others. Now They also offer a desktop client.

No data limit. You just need an email address to create an account to use ZenMate.

More Info Here

7-Hide.Me VPN

Hide.Me VPN is another great Hotspot Shield to mask an IP address and unblock websites. It can unblock all blocked websites including Facebook, YouTube, and other censored websites with ease.

This VPN service is offered in free and paid subscription plans. The premium plans aside, The free plan allows 10GB of data traffic every month.

This alternative to Hotspot Shield is very easy to download, install and easy to use.

Hide.Me VPN is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and other operating system users without any ads. It can also be used on Routers, Amazon Fire TV.

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8-Urban VPN

Urban VPN is a Peer-to-Peer and free alternative to the Hotspot shield. Urban VPN is a totally free-of-cost tool for internet privacy and security.

As of now, This VPN is free for personal use, Not sure about the future.

Urban VPN can be used as a web browser extension and as a desktop client.

While using Urban VPN, I have observed it works very well at the start, But after a while, Sometimes It starts to perform sluggishly. But overall This is a great tool to bypass online censorship.

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Closing Words

I am confident that today’s list of four free and effective alternatives to Hotspot Shield was informative and helpful to you. 

The information you were looking for has been found, I hope. Feel free to share your favorite VPN services with us by commenting below.

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