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4 Free Best Safe To Use Hola Alternatives

This list of Hola Unblocker alternatives is compiled for Windows (11, 10, 7, 8 and 8.1), Mac OS, Android and Linux users

Over 58 million Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android users use Hola to bypass internet censorship and filtering imposed by internet service providers and governments, geographic restrictions and unblock streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and others. As these online video streaming services are available to a few regions.

There is a very famous saying that there is nothing free in this world and Hola better internet is a living example of this saying.

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If you have a deeper look at Hola.Org FAQ page, You will get to know that Free users of Hola VPN are paying a high price for using this free to use proxy service.

Free Best Safe To Use Hola Alternatives

Technically, We cannot call Hola a VPN service. In the Hola free version, Neither It has VPN servers nor Hola has to pay for any bandwidth consumed by free users of Hola.

Hola better internet works like a bit torrent service. Hola is accused of selling user’s bandwidth, IP address to paid subscribers of its sister website and turning its free users into botnets.

Selling user’s bandwidth and IP address could be acceptable to some extent, But turning its non-paying users into a botnet also known as a zombie army is definitely a major security concern.

In simple words, Your computer and internet connection could be used to carry out DDoS hacking attacks and this free VPN service may put you in serious trouble.

As well as, Hola uses browsing history for advertising purposes and injects advertisements into users’ web browsers.
All in all, Hola unblocker is not a favorite VPN service anymore. It is not a favorite VPN service since several reports surfaced by renowned security researchers disclosing a number of zero-day vulnerabilities and other security risks in the Hola VPN software.

It is being suggested by security researchers to immediately uninstall Hola, Because Hola un-blocker is not safe to use.

I’ve compiled a list of 4 best and safe alternatives to Hola for those who are looking for ways to get around geographic restrictions, bypass internet censorship and filtering imposed by internet service providers and governments and unblock streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and others. As these online video streaming services are available to a few regions.

Today’s list of Hola alternatives contains both free and paid VPN services. Let’s go through the list of 4 best and safe VPN services.

Hide My Ass VPN

Though Hide My Ass VPN is not a free VPN service provider But speed, state of the art security, huge list of VPN locations and IP addresses, great support team and availability for five most used operating systems Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android and other things are what made me add Hide My Ass VPN to the list of best and secure Hola alternatives.

In Hide My Ass VPN, Your incoming and outgoing traffic is encrypted through 256 bit encryption using OpenVPN to protect you from prying eyes, brute force attacks and other hacking attacks by hackers and even governments.

The 256 bit encryption algorithm is considered unbreakable and It is the same encryption algorithm that US and other militaries and secret intelligence agencies do use. As well as All of your online activities remain anonymous, private or secret.

The very important thing you need to take into account before going for it. Don’t make the mistake of using it If you live in a country where downloading torrents, pirated or copyrighted content and free speech are legally a crime. As Hide My Ass VPN is not a log-less VPN service.

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Cyber Ghost VPN

Cyber Ghost VPN is another safe to use alternative to Hola VPN software that is available in both paid and free formats. Free version of CyberGhost VPN comes with a few limitations while the real beauty is in its paid subscription.

Although There is no data limit cap for CyberGhost VPN free version, Disconnection after every three hours is what ruins the mood.

As well as you cannot download torrents while using the free version of CyberGhost VPN and you have a limited number of VPN servers to choose from.

The good thing about the free version is that you don’t have to create a Cyber Ghost account, just install its client and use it to unblock blocked websites and for other purposes.

In addition to the Hola alternative, You may call it an alternative to Hide My Ass VPN. They boast of more than 500 servers in 27 countries.

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ZenMate VPN

ZenMate is another fantastic 1 click VPN service and also can be used as a Hola alternative. ZenMate is offered in free and premium subscription packages.

In the free version of Zenmate, You need to create a free account on the Zenmate website and You will find no annoying ads and bandwidth caps etc. But the big downside of the free version is that You can only use Zenmate on Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and other web browsers as an extension or plug in.

The Zenmate free version does not work in other programs outside your web browser and even Internet Download Manager does not work.

The full time desktop client is offered in the paid subscription with a full list of additional VPN servers which is designed for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating system users.

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TunnelBear is another great VPN service and can be used as an alternative to Hola VPN. TunnelBear is best known for online streaming services.

This VPN service is available to use in free and paid subscriptions.

To use both subscription plans, You need to have an account on TunnelBear.

TunnelBear is designed for 4 most used operating systems Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. I have used it and found it satisfactory.

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Closing Words

I hope you will find this list of 4 best and free alternatives to Hola VPN software useful and informative.

Please do share with me and others If you use or know about any other good, secure, fast and ads-free VPN software or browser extension or plug in. Sound off below in the comment section.

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